07/01/2010: New Cooperation of DSW with Broadridge for the German Market

DSW has successfully wrapped up negotiations with Broadridge Financial Solutions (formerly ADP’s Brokerage Services Group), the leading provider of international proxy voting services, to offer its vote research and recommendations service to institutional investors via Broadridge’s electronic vote management platform, ProxyEdge®. Broadridge, headquartered in the USA, processes proxies globally. As of 2010, all Broadridge clients using this platform have the possibility of retrieving (accessing) vote recommendations made by DSW for general meetings of DAX 30 companies. DSW has succeeded in becoming Broadridge’s primary German provider for this type of service. In a next step the offering will be extended to C-DAX companies.


DSW is pleased to have found an outstanding partner holding such impressive market position and thus being able to place its know-how of over 60 years’ activity in the German market at the disposal of investors worldwide.


For more information, please contact Jella Benner-Heinacher (jella.bennerheinacherdsw-info.de).