DSW's new Stewardship Services

DSW offers broad stewardship services for institutional and professional investors from all over the world!







Our services include:

  • Electronic voting platform for German general meetings
  • Voting advice for all quoted companies in Germany
    (based on DSW Voting Principles or customers’ own principles)
  • Engagement in key issues of corporate governance, such as pay and board independence
  • Direct approach of the management 
  • Preparation and support by taking shareholder actions such as countermotions
  • Reports on all German general meetings
  • Reports on data such as voting outcome and turnout
  • Training programs for all Corporate Governance issues in Germany
  • International voting advice via ECGS Expert Corporate Governance Services (based on ECGS’ principles or on the clients’ own principles)
  • Class action claim filing and information service


Interested investors may contact Jella Benner-Heinacher via EMail jella.bennerheinacherdsw-info.de or call 0049-211-6697-18.