Wirecard investors are called to file their claims in insolvency proceedings

After the Wirecard insolvency, the interests of investors (shareholders and holders of derivatives in Wirecard AG) need to be protected. DSW therefore demands that the largest Group of creditors, the investors, should be represented in the creditors' committee.

End of August 2020, the Munich District Court opened the insolvency proceedings over the assets of Wirecard AG. With that, the insolvency administrator finally came to the fore at the payment processor.

The first creditor’s meeting will be held on November 18th, 2020. “The harmed investors should absolutely be part of this committee”, demands Marc Tüngler, CEO of DSW.

Usually, investors in such procedures are largely powerless as they are equity providers. "At Wirecard that is different, ”says Tüngler. “Here, investors have a claim for damages against Wirecard due to a violation of ad hoc and other disclosure obligations. That changes the situation for investors fundamentally. Therefore, investors can and should file their claims as part of the bankruptcy proceedings, ”emphasizes Tüngler.

With the opening of insolvency proceedings, investors are now called to take action. “One thing is clear: Such a claim can only be made if the concrete damage is clearly defined in euros. It is not enough to point out that there is a claim for compensation, ”explains Tüngler.

DSW supports affected Wirecard investors regardless of where they are based in registering their claims.

Interested investors can contact DSW via wirecard@dsw-info.de and will be informed about the next steps to be taken.