Info service for Volkswagen investors

DSW-information service for Volkswagen investors

The US-American authorities Environmental Protection Authority (EPA) and California Air Resources Board (CARB) have investigated cars from Volkswagen AG and found that, among others, certain US emission standards have been violated. Emissions of nitrogen oxides (NOx) in engines of certain Volkswagen cars have been found to exceed EPA standards by a factor of up to 40. Volkswagen meanwhile acknowledged having installed so-called defeat devices in 11m diesel vehicles. These defeat devices served to reduce the effectiveness of the US authorities’ emission control systems under testing conditions.

Since that time, new pieces of information regarding this scandal are coming up almost daily and Volkswagen investors are approached by lawyers, organizations, foundations etc. to start legal actions against the company. Some even talk about entering a class action – a law suit which is completely unknown in Germany for capital market law cases.

From the beginning, DSW, Germany’s oldest and largest investor association pointed out that first the facts need to be clarified. DSW intends to have a solid information basis to decide if and for which investors a legal action against Volkswagen could be meaningful – and for whom exactly not.

There is no need to hurry – the deadline for potential claims will expire not before spring 2016 – assuming the shortest potential deadline.

DSW therefore explicitly advised against entering legal actions against Volkswagen.

Of course, DSW as Germany’s largest investor association supports all Volkswagen investors suffering from losses by starting a free of charge information service.

In case the claims against Volkswagen become more concrete and can be evidenced DSW will support Volkswagen investors to enforce such claims as cost-efficient as possible.

To enable us assessing your potential compensation claims you will find a questionnaire attached to this Q&A. An initial inspection of potential claims is free of charge for DSW members. If you are not yet a member of DSW, you can still join the organization and benefit from our services, also in the Volkswagen case.

Please return the questionnaire by email to or by fax to 0049-211-6697-60.