Proxy voting in Germany

Investors from abroad who cannot attend a German general meeting in person but would like to exercise their voting rights can give a proxy to another person, to a shareholder association or to a bank.

DSW has around 70 years of experience as independent proxy voting agent in Germany.

In order to represent its members DSW sends a representative to each German general meeting to participate in the discussion and  exercise the voting rights for other shareholders. The attendance in the general meeting allows us to provide investors with a vote confirmation after the meeting.

If you are interested in exercising your votes through DSW, one of the few independent proxy agents in Germany, then you simply have to take the following two steps, depending on the share class.

Step no. 1: Instruct your bank to send the confirmation of ownership on the record date (21 days ahead of the meeting), which has to include the number of shares held (via your deposit bank) to the company, at the latest 7 days before the meeting. The invitation to the general meeting contains the exact dates.

Step no. 2: Instruct your bank to send the ballot directly to DSW as your German proxy agent. Complete and sign the DSW proxy form and send it to DSW.


Fax: 0049-211-669790

Step no. 1: If you are registered in the company's share register you will receive the request for the admission ticket directly from the company. Simply check the box "Request and Admission Card for a Proxy to Exercise the Voting Right" and enter as proxy: DSW e.V., Peter-Müller-Str. 14, 40468 Düsseldorf, Germany". Then also check the box: "Power of Attorney and Instructions for a Shareholders’ Association", enter as proxy "DSW, Düsseldorf", sign the proxy form and return it to the company up until 3 days before the general meeting. The invitation to the general meeting contains the exact date.

Step no. 2: Send the request for the admission ticket (request form) to the company. In case you would like DSW to follow your specific voting instructions, please send a copy of the request form to DSW. 


Fax: 0049-211-669790

Due to German law shareholder associations such as DSW are obliged to act in the interest of the shareholder. If you send us any specific voting instructions we will act in full compliance with these.